From barreling bombs to mellower longboard waves, the island has

a few spots for the brave beginners to pros.  



In the early 90's, Surfer Magazine featured Siargao on its cover and ever since then, pilgrims from around the world have made its way to this mecca. Locals started practicing on broken or borrowed boards from the few surfers who visited. This is how the surf culture in Siargao was born.


It is always recommended for beginners to invest in a licensed surf instructor or guide who will educate you about each surf spots' red flags such as the reef, current, rip tide, wind speed/direction and other seasonal conditions such as the prevalence of sea urchin and jellyfish.


The island does not have any beach breaks, so utmost care must be taken when bailing from your surfboard at all times. Ask reception staff for our recommended surf instructors and rent an 8'0 Wavestorm foamboard, the safest for newbies and easier for smaller days.  



Surf competitions start August, swell usually gets bigger September thru December and then it gets too windy to surf the more popular east breaks so everyone ends up on the southern side of the island to surf Secret Spot (also named as Paradise Beach), Giwan and Daku. Check Magic Seaweed or SwellNet for swell, tides and wind conditions. Come early to beat the crowds.

Medical Emergencies

Minor reef cuts are quite common. Currently, only emergency medical services are set-up at the busiest surf area called Jacking Horse, close to the Cloud 9 boardwalk during daytime. There is a hospital 45 minutes away in Dapa, but it lacks basic facilities,  services and medicine.

Surf Spot                      Distance      Minimum  Level             Tide             Season_


Cemetery *                                           1.4 km                          Intermediate                              mid

Tuazon                                                     5 km                               Expert                              mid - high               

Cloud 9                                                   6 km                               Expert                               mid - high                

Quiksilver Inner                                      6 km                            Beginner                             mid - high

Quiksilver Outer                                     6 km                          Intermediate                        mid - high

Jacking Horse Inner                                6 km                             Beginner                           mid - high

Jacking Horse Outer                              6 km                          Intermediate                        mid - high

Rock Island*                                            6 km                          Intermediate                              mid

Stimpy's *                                                7 km                           Intermediate                             mid

Secret Spot                                           10 km                              Beginner                           mid - high                 Dec - Mar

Giwan                                                    12 km                             Beginner                            mid - high                 Dec - Mar

Daku*                                                    1.4 km                         Intermediate

Salvacion*                                              x km                           Intermediate

Pacifico                                                 30 km                              Expert                                mid - high 

Burgos                                                  40 km                              Expert                                mid - high 

*drive to nearest pier

Always check with a surf guide for swell, tides, current, wind direction/strength, vital conditions and latest updates.