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Where is Siargao?

Siargao is a small, tear drop shaped island south east of the Philippines. Once solely a mecca for pro surfers, we've been getting backpackers from Southeast Asia's Banana Pancake trail over the past couple of years. 


Nowadays, there are all kinds of travelers, young and old, surfer or non-surfer. Siargao is not only popular for its seasonal barreling waves, but also for its natural landscape and welcoming residents.

The 1000% rise in tourist arrivals in just a few years have put immense and irreparable strain on the island's limited natural resources. Big chunks of land have been grabbed by both foreign and local investors. 

The community remains tight knit for now, tirelessly working together to keep the island free from pollution and resolving any pressing issues that come our way. We impose on everyone, locals, residents and tourists to take care of the island so that it may continue to thrive. 

A 10 minute trek through a coconut jungle takes you to this secluded surf paradise

Are there ATMs on the island?

We have one ATM in town and another one about 40 minutes away in the neigboring town Dapa. Credit and debit cards are not usually accepted in most business establishments on the island yet, so make sure you always have enough cash for food and basic necessities for the next few days. ATMs do not always work as they run out of cash or your card may not be compatible with the current machine. 

Emergency cash can be withdrawn from your World Remit account through Lhuillier Pawnshop. Ronald's restaurant will also swipe your card for 7% charge. You may also exchange foreign currency through any of the three pawnshops on the island or through  En Route Travel Agency. Ask the front desk about other more convenient options.

Paddle out ceremony for Mike

Paddle out ceremony at Cloud 9 for Mike

How do I get there?

Please see our LOCATION page.

Can I surf there?

Please see the SURF page.

What else can I do there?

Please see our EXPLORE page.


I'm short of cash. Can I pay any other way?


Yes of course! We accept the following methods of payment:

> PayPal 



(additional + 3% transaction charge and 12% VAT)

> Bank of the Philippine Islands

Account # 0920 0229 71

(additional +12% VAT)

> ING Australia 

Bank State Branch: 923100

Account #: 62607558

(additional +12% VAT)

You may settle the total amount of your reservation and/or further extension charges. We will however, only take cash payments for extras (food, beer, towel, surfboard and scooter rentals). 

Please send us proof of payment via email secretspotsiargao@gmail.com to reserve your bed(s) asap.

I'm injured. Is there a doctor around?

Lucky you, a new Emergency Medical Clinic has opened this week in the heart of General Luna town center in Purok 4. It is open 24 hours/7 days a week and will provide basic medical services such as:

-First aid services for everyday life accidents
-Stitching services and cleaning local wounds
-Nebulization (respiratory assistance in case of asthma or allergy attack)
-Injections (Anti rabies for dog bites, anti tetanus, penicillin)
-Ear, nose and throat infections

The Doctor on site also confirmed that they will have a defibrillator soon for heart attacks. In addition, in a few month they will operate a laboratory service including testing for HIV (or any STD) and glucose tests.


To find this medical center, coming from Cloud 9, go straight after Junction 1 crossing (small tag crossing), take the first right (at the island estate office), keep going 100 meters, it’s on your left.   

HOTLINE  0918 926 3112

Info as of May 2018 from BeSiargao