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welcome home

Siargao island's fragile ecosystem and marine life can only continue to thrive with our utmost care. We hope to inspire our visitors to practice an eco-conscious and zero-waste mindset at all times, knowing that our smallest actions have a rippling effect on our immediate community and ultimately, the world we live in.

We welcome travelers from all walks of life, whether you are backpacking the world or taking a break from the stressful corporate world. We hope to learn from you as much as you learn from us.


daily yoga

We love practicing in nature -- during lowtide at the beach across the hostel, our neighbor's beautiful garden, a magical Secret Beach, or an oceanfront space beside a local café. This is our way of showing you secluded places on this island.

If you'd like to volunteer as a yoga teacher, please visit the YOGA page for more info.



Secret Spot Siargao was designed undoubtedly with backpackers as our inspiration.

We don't need fancy things, yet we crave for comfort as we tirelessly travel the world. We love the natural sea breeze as we sleep soundly through the night. We've provided spacious and efficient kitchen we can cook in when we crave for a healthy breakfasts or maybe make dishes from home to share with new friends during salo-salo get togethers on Sunday nights.